Bespoke Carpentry’s Staircase Designs Mean You Can Have It All Your Own Way

Bespoke Carpentry’s Staircase Designs Mean You Can Have It All Your Own Way

Bespoke Carpentry’s Staircase Designs Mean You Can Have It All Your Own Way

The subject of novels, songs, movies and art, staircases evoke fantasy, romance, history and style. But they also have negative connotations; cramped staircases, steep staircases, rickety staircases and unsafe staircases come to mind. There is no excuse nowadays though, to put up with anything less than the perfect staircase because with brilliant, bespoke staircase design carpenters, you can indeed have it all your own way.

Passionate Carpentry Delivers Flawless Staircase Design

There’s no question about it, people who work with wood keep good company – the works of famous carpenters, passionate about what they can do, served to keep entire cities and kingdoms in place in the course of many civilizations. Carpentry experts, with just as much passion, play no less of a major role in our 21st century.

At a time when mass-produced furnishings abound and the tendency is to grab something because it’s a bargain only leaves offices, boardrooms, lobby’s and homes, with make-do, ill-fitting items. In an industry of changing trends and varied needs, staircase design tops the list in bespoke furniture. After all, staircases are the bridge providing access between two or more frequently used spaces. They can either be a daily eye-sore and a constant source of irritation or something aesthetically astounding, ergonomically perfect and provide the pleasure art and great workmanship always does. At Merik Ltd, we aim to please with our passion and our expertise.

Bespoke Carpentry’s Staircase Designs Mean You Can Have It All Your Own Way 2

Six Matters for Consideration in Bespoke Staircase Design:

  • Budget

Without question, money always matters. At Merik Ltd, the work ethic is high, we promise, and we deliver because we understand how priceless that actually is. We take the headache out of your project and if it’s a staircase that you need to be designed, we ‘build you a stairway to heaven’. We are a family enterprise; we understand costing very well. Let us know your budget and we’ll let you know what an and what can’t be done.

  • Safety

This key consideration is where bespoke staircase design shines. Homes may have children, or infirm members to consider. Companies may have a volume of users to add to that. Either way, designers will take step depth and most importantly, the balustrade into account. There are endless varieties and therefore selecting the best for your specs isn’t even a question.

  • Space

In this department, staircase design comes into its very own. Whatever the available space and need, from a simple ‘ladder to the loft’, to the iconic ‘Titanic’ sweeping stairs that split off in opposite directions and everything in between, bespoke staircase design is the answer. It can make all the difference to the entire area if the staircase is perfect for the space.

  • Functionality

Staircases, by nature, need to be ‘uber’ user-friendly. In a home, factors such as allowing sufficient room to get upstairs furniture in is a factor. In public offices and buildings, that plus practicality and ergonomics need to be factored in.

  • Individuality

Married to bespoke, individuality is the hallmark of staircase design. But this isn’t just a luxury consideration, individuality also speaks to your specific requirements or the constraints of existing construction or furnishings. Revamping balustrades is often all it takes to revive an old staircase.

  • Quality

So, saving the best for last, it goes without saying that bespoke staircase design will ultimately deliver, not just the perfect solution, but one of quality that will stand the test of time. It’s all about the detail and that’s where selecting a carpentry business whose passion is evident, will result in the quality that endures the test of time.

All in all, if there’s an option of between making or breaking a project, enhancing or degrading the surrounds, putting up with ill-fitting stairs or perfectly appointed ones, bespoke staircase design is the deal-breaker.

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