Maximise Small Spaces with Clever Joinery Solutions

Maximise Small Spaces with Clever Joinery Solutions

Maximise Small Spaces with Clever Joinery Solutions

Space can often be something of a luxury. However, we believe that living in small spaces doesn’t automatically equate to a cramped or uncomfortable home. It can be exciting and surprisingly simple to maximise your space by making the most of clever joinery solutions and a little ingenuity.

Here are a few ideas on how you can put every inch of your available space to good use and create a practical and comfortable environment.

Hideaway Storage

Turn the first few steps of your staircase into drawers to store linens, towels, decorative pillows and extra blankets. The further addition of cabinets with drawers and built-in storage in the space below the staircase can also serve to stow away other essentials, while still keeping them easily accessible.

A custom-built pull-out pantry in a small kitchen is a super space saver, as is a spice rack attached to the inside of a kitchen cupboard rather than cluttering up a countertop. Plentiful drawers, shelving and cabinets also give you more room to move.

Smart storage in small spaces can also double up as seating, such as window seats or an ottoman with hinged lids that lift to reveal hidden storage space beneath.

A bespoke coffee table created with deep sides to include a drawer or two is yet another small space storage solution for magazines, board games, chargers, TV remote controls and other must items.

What about the otherwise wasted space under your bed? A few custom-made drawers on casters create another out of sight handy spot to store more stuff.

Turn a sitting room cupboard into a modest home office or study nook by revamping the shelves to suit. The addition of a convenient fold-away desk and chair means that everything can be hidden from sight when not in use.

Collapsible Furniture

Collapsible furniture such as hinged tables and fold up chairs can instantly create useable space when they aren’t required.

Utility is the name of the game in a small laundry room that sports a wall-mounted, fold-away ironing board and one or two drop-down drying racks.

If your small space doesn’t allow you the luxury of a laundry room, fold-down drying racks can be mounted over a bath while your ironing board could be creatively transformed to double up as a full-length bedroom mirror simply by flipping it over within the frame of a specially constructed stand.

Bed be gone! Fold-down beds and fold-out couches have long been a clever solution for small spaces.

Smaller tables can instantly be transformed into a dining solution for more guests with the addition of cleverly designed, pull-out or fold-out expansions.

Custom made benches rather than chairs, can easily be tucked out of the way beneath a dining room table when not in use.

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Shelving And Cabinetry

Shelving is the secret weapon in your personal storage war. Floating shelves on an exposed brick wall create a very stylish storage solution.

Any areas in your small space where the walls dent in is another exciting opportunity to install even more shelving.

Built-in bookshelves provide both open and closed storage and are the perfect spot to display books, photos and treasured ornaments. A custom built-in in the dining area will set the stage for entertaining. Picture a shelf packed with wine bottles while underneath, a clever adaption allows for wine glasses to hang effortlessly at the ready.

Bedroom shelving and cabinetry that extends to the ceiling helps to maximise storage space. The addition of customised compartments can hold everything from jewellery to shoes and clothing, keeping your small spaces organised and efficient.

Crafy Space Savers

Never underestimate the space-saving ability of bespoke wall racks which create both functional and unconventional wall décor.  Ride a bike and have no other choice but to store it in your living space? Install a wall rack.

Doors are great for privacy but if there are one or two that only seem to be adding to your claustrophobia, consider removing them to create a more open-plan feel. It’s also a great idea to re-hang a few doors, if necessary, to make sure that when they are open, they rest against a wall, rather than creating yet another partition which only further cramps your style.

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