Smart Storage Units Start with Joinery Skill

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Smart Storage Units Start with Joinery Skill

DIY enthusiasts notwithstanding, love of woodwork is universal. It combines maths and art in rewarding ways. However, for those of us who don’t fancy a ‘DIY giveaway’, calling in the experts will save much embarrassment. Storage units, in particular, could do with the expert eye and design talent of a trusted joiner to create the perfect solution to any storage wars.

Over our many years in business, we have found that the same questions regarding storage units keep coming up. We’d like to share them with you in the hope that you will find the answers to some of your questions.

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How can I create more useful storage in my kitchen?

Both in kitchens (and in studies), much space is wasted by using off-the-shelf storage units. Kitchens, in particular, need space for a plethora of oddly shaped items. Consider the pot drawer which needs to be considerably deeper than the cutlery drawer. Spices and bottles can be neatly stored away in a slim, slide-out cupboard hidden discreetly next to the fridge. Calling in a joiner to make a place for everything in your unique space will certainly result in an organised, clutter-free kitchen.

How can I create more storage units in the small space I available?

Sadly, no shop-bought furniture fits well under staircases, which is a real tragedy as we are so space-poor that we want to make the best use of every nook. This is the ideal time to get the professionals in to design and fit the perfect piece for that odd-shaped space. Attics, too, have many space and measurement variables that are a nightmare for DIYers, but an exciting walk in the park for us at Merik.

I want to use this room in different ways – can you create storage units so that my office equipment, for example, is out of view? Is this do-able?

This kind of storage solution is right up our street. Home offices and one room dwelling challenges are a joiner’s staple. The UK property market often consists of small roomed houses and apartments which pose real problems for those of us who need a little extra breathing room. A multi-use space means we need clever, space-saving ideas and often results in multipurpose items of furniture.

I want a unique design, which no-one else has got.

Merik is exactly the right place to come to. we delight in creating showstoppers that you’d be forever proud of, whether a storage unit or free-standing furniture. We fully understand that, while there’s a place for Ikea, there are also plenty of people who want something as special and unique as they are.

I like this design I saw on the Internet/Magazine – can you adjust it to suit my room?

We are asked this a lot and it really helps us see the picture the customer has in mind. We are confident we can satisfy such requests of our talents and skill sets.

Can you make a cabinet that matches our panel rooms?

Panel rooms are huge money; people pay sometimes £500,000 for these. It is our privilege to design and match cabinets and storage units to such specifications. Reverse engineering of antique panelling or windows is a very particular skill set – one that we proudly offer.

I would like cabinets that don’t look like DIY

Our point exactly. We have the tools, the expertise, the experience, and the skill to create exceptional cabinets, cupboards and storage units that couldn’t look further from DIY than a Rembrandt is to a kid’s drawing.

Can you make a cabinet to match the furniture I’ve already got?

This is a question we can answer with confidence. It takes an experienced woodworking joiner team who understand wood just as a chef understands a recipe and must make adjustments in the event that an ingredient might no longer be available. We guarantee this kind of understanding. Colour matching is a speciality we feature for cabinets and storage units, especially because we have our own spray-booth and a very talented operator on our team.

I have a big garage/lots of papers/heavy stuff – can you make strong/sturdy/heavy-duty cabinets for this?

Absolutely. We do, of course, pride ourselves here at Merik for the ability to design and execute work requiring fine and detailed craftsmanship. But not everything needs to be thoroughbred, right? We certainly do sturdy; we do heavy-duty and we do strong. Garages are a storage mecca and custom-made units can transform garage space into a place you’ll want to invite guests into for a drink. We can create a great bar counter for just such a noble purpose.

Can you make a cabinet for my office/hair salon and storage for the back of my shop for magazine display?

This kind of request comes often in many guises. It is our pleasure to fit bespoke storage pieces for any trade: from beauty salons, spas, boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops and retail outlets to Bed and Breakfasts, offices and companies.

The bottom line is – you name it, we’ll make it. We are familiar with so many options and can recommend designs for storage spaces within storage units. We can inset extra ‘pull-outs’ or secret drawers and doors. We understand ‘ease of operation’ when it comes to how well things open and close. Best of all, we understand when you want that ‘wow’ factor even for something as humble as storage units.

Please contact the dedicated team at Merik who will be thrilled to assist you with all your woodworking requirements.

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